Need help with electrical installation?
As an NECEIC-approved contractor, we can do whatever electrical work you need, from installing all the electrics in a new-build property (or properties), to rewiring existing buildings, or simply renewing an old fuse box or fitting a smoke alarm.

Here are just a few examples of electrical work we’ve completed:

Installed co-friendly energy systems for a local authority
Replaced old storage heaters with a user-friendly money-saving Rionte digital heating system

Installed VPhase voltage optimisation units that reduce energy costs by around 20%

Fitted waterproof Steel Wired Armoured (SWA) cable, usually used in underground or exposed situations

Provided NICEIC certification

Ensured equipotential earthing (also known as equipotential earth bonding). This is an important safety feature to reduce the risk of electric shock and bring an existing system up to present-day standards.Your system cannot be certified without it.

We can do any of these electrical projects – or more – for you. Just let us know what you need.