Aerial & Satellite Systems

Want to install new aerial or satellite TV?

We design and install new aerial and satellite systems for commercial premises, landlords and private householders.

Here are just a few of the systems you can choose:
Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)
Receive the inbound signal via an aerial rather than cables or a satellite dish, and distributed to various properties.

Standard Satellite TV
Satellite dishes may be fixed or motorised (turning to different satellites), and can be set to receive any European and ‘free to air’ satellite programmes.

International Satellite TV
When you want to receive the satellite signal from abroad.

Complete audio-visual systems
For the latest in home cinema.

Integrated Reception System (IRS)
Communal aerial system that can serve hundreds of homes.

Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV)
Combining multiple inbound signals to create your own output.
Multiple Access Television (MATV)
transmitting the inbound signal to multiple locations.

Aerials to receive FM and DAB radio

Remember, we are primarily a commercial installer, so we can fit aerial antennas and equipment in difficult or high places that domestic installers may not be able to reach. We also supply quality products and undertake testing to commercial standards.

As well as installing new aerial and satellite systems, you can also call on us for emergency repair work and ongoing maintenance for your existing system.

Have an existing aerial or satellite TV installation?
We can upgrade or extend your existing aerial or satellite system, for commercial premises, landlords and private householders.
We can install whatever you need, right up to a complete state-of-the-art audio-visual system, but here are a couple of popular options:
Upgrade to Sky+ via Satellite Channel Router (SCR) switch
Residents can receive Sky+ without running extra cables. We may not even need to enter the building (subject to survey). SCR is ideal for properties that are listed, in a conservation area, protected under local bylaws, or where the current system was installed when the property was originally built
Add international satellite TV
Residents can receive foreign satellite signals fed through the existing system (extra cabling may be required)
Depending on each situation, cables may be overlaid along their existing route, or completely rewired.
You can also ask us to re-site existing equipment to a better location, or just to tidy up the cables to leave your property looking neater.
Need help with your smart TV?
They are not all as simple as they seem! If you’re stuck, you can ask our experts to help set up your smart TV, tune in channels and teach you how to download films.
As well as upgrading existing aerial and satellite systems, you can also call on us to install a brand new system for you.